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Zines were highly influential in the development of the new age internet, early on the internet was full with censorship. These were one of the earliest forms of alternative media and immediately people embraced the new unique idea. This unique  idea was defined as a“novel form of communication and creation that burst with an angry idealism”(Duncombe 3). As you can tell based on the description it is not what you would typically see on the internet so it affected people in strange ways. Had innovators such as the authors of the zines not come first we would have a lack of creativity in our current media culture. Thankfully this was not the case and our current media culture is much more liberal than at any point in the past.59bd9c686c334eb42fb9494483624a53-565x0xwidth-75-http-blog.uloop.com-uloop-r=305-jpg-wp-content-uploads-2016-07-23004830679_987bfd89cd_k-450x299.jpg

Authenticity:Does it Matter?

Authenticity is something that people use to credit a piece of work as their own often times, but how authentic really is this work? In my opinion, everyone gets their ideas from an outside source whether it be intentionally or unintentionally. Based on this I would conclude that the term authentic is something people use loosely to make them feel like they did the project on their own. This follows more closely with my definition of uniqueness, and I feel most work people label as authentic would be better described as unique. The fact that everyone has an inspiration from where they were able to come up with an idea has been backed up numerous times by individuals who were able to achieve the remarkable. They always give credit where credit is due, this can be seen in the article about The Minutemen where they said that, ” If it weren’t for those type of bands we would have never had the nerve to be a band” (Azzerad 65). This does not mean that the minutemen work was a copy or plagiarized but it does not fit into my definition of authentic which would be, of unique origin. Despite the fact that it is extremely difficult for me to claim a piece of art is authentic, I do not feel that art must be authentic in order to be considered a work of art. There could just as easily be authentic pieces of art that I would consider to be poor, as there is unauthentic pieces of art that I would consider to be excellent. In fact, using someone elses work as motivation may in fact help your work as it can open you up to new ideas you wouldn’t think of on your own. This inspiration can often times be the catalyst that turns the work into what everyone loved, so based on all of this I would conclude that authenticity is much less important than people have been led to believe.

Header Image

I decided to blend two images together from groups I would consider to be largely unknown. Both the band Pink Floyd and the activist group anonymous are confusing groups to understand so I figured that blending the two together would create an extra confusing effect. This was the easy part of the project for me, being creative and brainstorming as I like to consider myself a pretty creative person. Then the difficult part started trying to find two images from the groups that I could mix together without making it look sloppy was difficult and then once I had found a few I encountered the problem that there were size differences between the photos. WordPress has the header image dimensions and long and narrow so I had to use the google advanced search to narrow down the results even more. I took the class that was assigned to us on the basics of layering in Photoshop so I was able to get the images into Photoshop pretty easily, and set them up in layers so I could blend them. Unfortunately, I then ran into problems again because I was confused with the crop tool and I was messing up the image sizing and they weren’t proportionate to one another. Finally, after a 15-20 minute struggle with Photoshop I was able to crop 1 image to the size of the other image so I could overlap them. This part was not difficult as the images were already sized out perfectly. I think I can use these tools I learned in Photoshop to help in any webdesign project I may have to do which is becoming bigger and bigger in our society. Along with this I now know there are advanced search tools on google which are incredibly useful that I can use in many different situations in life and in my future academic career.